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Sunil Sinha

A Chat with Sunil Sinha, Distinguished Professor of Physics at the University of California–San Diego and speaker at the recent CNMS-SNS Research Forum more…

The purpose of the Spallation Neutron Source and the High Flux Isotope Reactor is to facilitate neutron scattering as an integral tool for scientific research and technological development across many scientific and engineering domains within the scientific, academic,and industrial communities.

Coupled with this role is a recognized need to inspire, educate, and facilitate the next generation of users and hence foster enhanced use of the unique neutron scattering facilities at ORNL. This is the central theme of the education activities within the Neutron Sciences Directorate (NScD).

Higher Education

NScD education programs seek to promote the building of strong partnerships between neutron sciences at ORNL and the tertiary/higher education sector, including both graduate fellowship opportunities and a new online graduate coursework program.

Postdoctoral Programs

Opportunities are provided for postdoctoral education in the applications of neutron scattering through workshops that are hosted by NScD in collaboration with partner organizations; as well as postdoctoral fellowship opportunities.


In pursuing the above objectives, the NScD education programs have been developed in collaboration with the Joint Institute for Neutron Science (JINS), a joint venture between ORNL and the University of Tennessee, that promotes the use of neutron scattering in various fields.


The directorate strongly supports local K-12 educational outreach activities for both teachers and students.