Lisa DeBeer-Schmitt

Lisa DeBeer-Schmitt

Position: Instrument Scientist

Beamline: CG-2

Instrument: General-Purpose Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Diffractometer

Facility: Spallation Neutron Source


Phone: (574) 252-6060

Lisa DeBeer-Schmitt is the lead instrument scientist for General Purpose Small-Angle Neutron Scattering instrument (GP-SANS) at the High Flux Reactor Isotope (HFIR). She obtained her Ph.D. (Physics) in 2008 from the University of Notre Dame, USA while studying the vortex physics in CeCoIn5 using SANS at multiple research facilities. Dr. DeBeer-Schmitt has continued to study vortex physics in novel superconductors but has also branched out to include spin textures in magnetic materials and the study of polydispersity in growth of nanotubes in materials used for photocatalysis.