Garrett Granroth

Garrett Granroth

Position: Scientific Data Analysis Group Leader

Group: Scientific Data Analysis

Division: Neutron Scattering Division


Phone: (865) 805-0631

Dr. Granroth conducts research in quantum and low dimensional magnetic systems, disordered magnetic systems, neutron scattering measurements in high magnetic fields, neutron spectrometer design, advanced computational techniques for neutron data analysis, and instrument simulation.


PhD in Condensed Matter and Ultra-Low Temperature Physics, University of Florida, in Gainesville, FLA

Selected Publications

S. E. Hahn, A. A. Podlesnyak, G. Ehlers, G. E. Granroth, R. S. Fishman, A. I. Kolesnikov, E. Pomjakushina, and K. Conder, "Inelastic neutron scattering studies of YFeO3,"Phys. Rev. B 89 014420 (2014) J. Y.Y. Lin, A. A. Aczel, D. L. Abernathy, S. E. Nagler, W. J. L. Buyers, and G. E. Granroth, "Using Monte Carlo ray tracing simulations to model the quantum harmonic oscillator modes observed in uranium nitride," Phys. Rev. B 89 144302 (2014). A.A. Aczel, G. E. Granroth, G. J. MacDougall, W. J. L. Buyers, D. L. Abernathy, G. D. Samolyuk, G. M. Stocks, and S. E. Nagler, "Quantum oscillations of nitrogen atoms in uranium nitride", Nature Communications 3, 1124, (2012). H. Nojiri, S. Yoshii, M. Yasui, K. Okada, M. Matsuda, J. – S. Jung, T. Kimura, L. Santodonato, G. E. Granroth, K. A. Ross, J. P. Carlo, B. D. Gaulin, "Neutron Laue Diffraction Study on the Magnetic Phase Diagram of Multiferroic MnWO4 under Pulsed High Magnetic Fields", Phys. Rev. Lett. 106 237202, (2011). G. E. Granroth, A. I. Kolesnikov, T. E. Sherline, J. P. Clancy, K. A. Ross, J. P. C. Ruff, B. D. Gaulin, and S. E. Nagler, "SEQUOIA: A Newly Operating Chopper Spectrometer at the SNS," J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 251 012058 (2010) A. T. Savici, G. E. Granroth, C. Broholm, Y. S. Lee, and M. D. Bird, "ZEEMANS - a new facility to probe matter at high magnetic field through neutron scattering", J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 251 012057 (2010) A. T. Savici, G. E. Granroth, C. L. Broholm, D. M. Pajerowski, C. M. Brown, D. R. Talham, M. W. Meisel, K. P. Schmidt, G. S. Uhrig, S. E. Nagler, "Neutron scattering evidence for isolated spin-1/2 ladders in (C5D12N)2CuBr4", Phys. Rev. B 80, 094411 (2009) M. B. Stone, W. Tian, M. D. Lumsden, G. E. Granroth, D. Mandrus, J.-H. Chung, N. Harrison, and S. E. Nagler, "Quantum Spin Correlations in an Organometallic Alternating-Sign Chain," Phys. Rev. Lett. 99 087204 (2007) and Virt. J of Quantum Info. 7 (2007)