Eugene Mamontov

Eugene Mamontov

Position: Instrument Scientist

Beamline: BL-2

Instrument: Backscattering Spectrometer

Group: Spectroscopy

Facility: Spallation Neutron Source


Phone: (865) 771-1387

Dr. Mamontov studies the dynamics of surface water in various systems, water and hydrocarbons in confinement, and neutron instrumentation.


PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, the University of Pennsylvania

Selected Publications

E. Mamontov, D. R. Cole, S. Dai, M. D. Pawel, C. D. Liang, T. Jenkins, G. Gasparovic, and E. Kintzel, Dynamics of water in LiCl and CaCl2 aqueous solutions confined in silica matrices: a backscattering neutron spectroscopy study, Chemical Physics 352 117 (2008)

E. Mamontov, D. J. Wesolowski, L. Vlcek, P. T. Cummings, J. Rosenqvist, W. Wang, and D. R. Cole, Dynamics of hydration water on rutile studied by backscattering neutron spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 12334 (2008)

E. Mamontov, L. Vlcek, D. J. Wesolowski, P. T. Cummings, W. Wang, L. M. Anovitz, J. Rosenqvist, C. M. Brown, and V. Garcia Sakai, Dynamics and structure of hydration water on rutile and cassiterite nanopowders studied by quasielastic neutron scattering and molecular dynamics simulations, Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 4328 (2007)

E. Mamontov and D. R. Cole, Quasielastic neutron scattering study of dynamics of CaCl2 aqueous solution confined in Vycor glass, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 8 4908 (2006)

E. Mamontov, C. J. Burnham, S.-H. Chen, A. P. Moravsky, C.-K. Loong, N. R. de Souza, and A. I. Kolesnikov, Dynamics of water confined in single- and double-wall carbon nanotubes, Journal of Chemical Physics 124 194703 (2006)

E. Mamontov, Observation of fragile-to-strong liquid transition in surface water in CeO2, Journal of Chemical Physics 123 171101 (2005)

E. Mamontov, High-resolution neutron-scattering study of slow dynamics of surface water molecules in zirconium oxide, Journal of Chemical Physics 123 024706 (2005)

E. Mamontov, Dynamics of surface water in ZrO2 studied by quasielastic neutron scattering, Journal of Chemical Physics 121 9087 (2004)