The Department of Energy Women@Energy series consists of profiles of inspirational women in STEM, #WomenInSTEM videos that highlight the work of the women and coming soon sample lessons to engage middle school girls with the Women@Energy series.

Here are a few of the SNS and HFIR staff members who have been featured as part of this series: 

  • CLARINA R. DELA CRUZ: "The U.S. is a great melting pot of cultures, and we are entering an era when the rapid growth of information technology is making it much easier to empower a thought, a value, or a group of people. This is a perfect foundation to successfully engage and promote STEM amongst women and underrepresented groups. The key is to convey the idea that STEM is part in our everyday life and success in a STEM-based career is achievable for everyone, including them."
  • KAREN WHITE: "Growing up, my father always encouraged me to study engineering. He claims to have put a calculus book in my crib rather than a baby toy. I started college a chemistry major, and after a couple of years, changed to engineering."
  • SARAH COUSINEAU: "I like to work on challenging problems. The degree of satisfaction I get from succeeding at something is directly related to how much work I put into it. Science provides an endless array of complex and exciting problems, and solving them is like a game. I often feel like I am 'paid to play.'”
  • ASHFIA HUQ: "Do it because you love it and you can’t imagine doing anything else. Don’t let anyone bully you, stick to it and don’t give up when it gets hard."