Proposal Calls

2024-B General User Proposal Call

The Neutron Sciences General User Proposal Call for 2024-B closed on Wednesday, February 28, 2024. Proposals awarded beam time will be scheduled to run at HFIR and SNS from July to December, 2024. 

The current HFIR/SNS 5-Year Working Schedule expects SNS availability to resume July 2024 contingent on PPU progress. 


2024-B General User Proposal Call Important Dates

  • Submission deadline: February 28, 2024
  • Award period: July 1 – December 30, 2024
    • HFIR July 23 - November 8 (cycles 508, 509, 510)
    • SNS July 1 - November 18
  • Award notification by April 29, 2024

Researchers should apply directly via the Integrated Proposal Tracking System (IPTS). For more information, contact the User Office.

Users are highly encouraged to discuss proposed research with an instrument scientist for feedback before submitting.

Instrument restrictions/limitations

Please note the following instrument restrictions/limitations for 2024-B instrument requests:

  • BL-5/CNCS notes the following restrictions:
    • For dilution refrigerator inserts, proposals must be discussed before submission with a beamline scientist and beamtime awards are subject to helium and personnel resources.
    • For CCR experiments requesting more than 1 sample, proposals must be discussed before submission with a beamline scientist.
    • The 14 T magnet is still being commissioned at BL-5 (CNCS) and not yet available to the General User program.
  • BL-15/Neutron Spin Echo will have limited beamtime available to award due to EPICS upgrade and required commissioning.
  • HB-3A/DEMAND will have limited beamtime available to award due to EPICS upgrade and one cycle of required commissioning. 


New instrument capabilities

BL-16B/VISION has added the following capabilities:

  • New CCR with 104 mm bore for larger sample environment equipment
  • Furnace (vacuum, 1000 deg.C max)
  • Sample changer (20 positions, vanadium sample holders, 5-350K)
  • McWhan clamp cell (5-350K, 10 GPa)
  • Sample stick for in situ irradiation with UV/Visible light (various wavelengths; under testing; contact beam line scientist before proposal submission)


CG-3/Bio-SANS has installed a new mid-range detector array to complement the existing wing and main detectors. This new capability will improve Q-resolution and decrease measurement times. It will be commissioned and available to users for cycle 2024B.

Future Dates

Please Note: Proposal Call deadlines are subject to change based on facility schedule changes. The User Office will communicate any date changes on this website and in the user newsletter.


  • Submission deadline: August 28, 2024
  • Award period: January 1 – June 30, 2025
    • HFIR February 18-June 20, 2025 (cycles 511, 512, 513)
    • SNS mid-January-May 30, 2025
  • Award notification by October 25, 2024