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Christopher Schmitt

Christopher Schmitt

Scientific Associate

Spallation Neutron Source

Christopher Schmitt is a Scientific Associate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He enjoys reading, physics, playing video games, and watching dinosaur movies with his two children. Christopher has been at the lab since 2016.

Maintaining the general health of the beamline is my primary responsibility. I make sure all the pieces for each individual experiment are in place, so our users have everything they need to be successful. There are a lot of different responsibilities associated with this position, which keeps my job interesting.”

“The fun part of this job is that it’s very flexible. I’m not limited to only operational aspects. If I want to delve deeper into the science, I have the freedom to do that. If I want to focus on streamlining or improving our operations, I can pursue that. It’s really one giant logistics puzzle. I love problem solving, which is why I got into physics, and being a scientific associate gives me plenty of opportunities to overcome interesting challenges.”

–Christopher Schmitt