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Jeremy Price

Jeremy Price

Vacuum Systems Team Leader

Spallation Neutron Source

Jeremy Price is a vacuum systems team leader at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), managing the team who designs and operates vacuum systems for the Spallation Neutron Source’s linear accelerator. Price was an intern at ORNL while studying mechanical engineering and was inspired by his experience at the lab to pursue a career in vacuum systems. He has worked at ORNL for 13 years.

We hope scientists and researchers walk in and take vacuum for granted, because it’s just going to work and be something else they don’t have to think about. If we’re doing our job, that’s how they should feel about it.”

“Early in my career, I learned that if something goes wrong, the attitude at ORNL isn’t to point fingers and throw people under the bus. Instead, the focus is on figuring out what happened, finding a way to fix it, and finding a way to do better in the future. That attitude has opened me up to not worrying about the blame game, but instead worrying about how we as an organization can perform better.”

–Jeremy Price