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Rhonda Moody

Rhonda Moody

Scientific Laboratory Technician

Spallation Neutron Source

Rhonda Moody is a Scientific Laboratory Technician at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)’s Spallation Neutron Source, where she helps visiting researchers run successful experiments. Moody paints in her spare time and has exhibited her work at First Friday events in downtown Knoxville. She has worked at ORNL for 11 years.

I think what our group does really takes the pressure from our researchers being responsible for all of the intricate things with visiting users. We handle compliance, safety, those types of things. It really gives them the opportunity to do what they’re here to do, and that’s the research.”

“We had some users who came and brought their crystal samples, but they weren’t large enough to fit in the beam. We had to MacGyver it, but we managed to come up with a solution to grow a crystal on-site. We basically saved their beam time, and they got the data that they needed. It’s a great feeling to come through for them and give them the support that they need to succeed.”

–Rhonda Moody