Women in Neutron Sciences (WiNS) – Empower, Encourage, Enlighten

The Women in Neutron Sciences (WiNS) group promotes professional development of women at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. WiNS seeks to foster a work environment that is equitable and inclusive through thoughtful discussion, awareness, outreach, learning events, partnerships, and support.

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NScD Family Picnic

Save the Date! Register by Noon Wednesday September 21st for the NScD family picnic Saturday September 24th from 10am – 2pm at McFee Park in Farragut (October 1st rain date), hosted by WiNS. Employees across all of NScD and STS, including matrixed staff, are invited to attend with their families.


NEW! There will be a cornhole tournament to benefit Isaiah 117 House. The entry fee is $10, contact Mark Connell at 6yc@ornl.gov or 865-387-5232 with questions and to register. ORNL logo store gift cards, Shriners Circus tickets, and bragging rights to be awarded!


We have also reserved one of the pickleball courts, so bring your pickleball kit for a pickup game! And don’t forget about the live music!


Park amenities include a splash pad, pickle ball and tennis courts, trails, and a playground. Hamburgers, Hot dogs and Veggie burgers will be provided along with beverages. Attendees are encouraged to bring a side dish or dessert of their choice.


Registration is required to ensure there is enough food and in case we need to reschedule and need to contact you. Please sign up at https://forms.office.com/g/8QRWndydak by noon Wednesday September 21st.


In the event we need to reschedule due to inclement weather we will send out emails to all registrants on Thursday September 22nd.



WiNS L&L on September 23

WiNS would like to acknowledge the achievements of two early-career post-docs here at the lab. This will be a hybrid meeting consisting of two twenty-minute presentations on their research and five to ten minutes for questions following each.

Shimin Tang is a post-doctoral research associate in the materials engineering group. She got her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in Electrical and Computing Engineering. Her dissertation focused on hyperspectral image understanding, including hyperspectral image processing, image classification, and deep learning-based hyperspectral image segmentation. In October 2021, she joined Hassina’s team at SNS and started autonomous neutron imaging system corresponding research. Her role includes the design of a neutron CT quality-evaluation algorithm, CT scanning angles intelligent-selection algorithm, and software development of an autonomous imaging system.

Su-Ann Chong is a postdoctoral research associate for the detector group. She received her Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, where her research focused on developing high-rate pixelated neutron detectors for neutron reflectometry instruments. She also received her master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and her bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of California-Berkeley. Her current research focuses on the development of a 6Li-based neutron detector with a high-rate capability for neutron reflectometry instruments at the SNS. The rate capability of the current detector technology falls short of the instrument requirements. Current designs aim to overcome the limitation in counting rate by having a fully pixelated design from the neutron conversion layer to the photodetector and readout system.

Check WiNS email for more details.

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WiNS Nomination Form

As outlined in the mission statement, Women in Neutron Sciences promotes the professional development of women.  The WiNS Spotlight Nomination Form below is intended to help nominate women across the lab to recognize their notable accomplishments and/or significant project contributions. 

Due to our fast-changing groups, we ask managers and work colleagues to help us identify women in your group suitable of this nomination.   Nominees will be featured quarterly on our WiNS website.  Please go to link below to fill out a Nomination Form.  Nominations for Q1 FY23 are due Friday November 11, 2022.


WiNS Nomination Form


Some links from our members and colleagues:

  1. Explore stories of Women in STEM through this fantastic series of posters: Posters – Women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (ingeniumcanada.org)
  2. Story and video about the difficulty of working mothers during the pandemic https://www.kulikulifoods.com/pages/supermoms for the “SuperMoms here at ORNL” in his own words


WiNS 2022 Executive Committee

Alicia Manjon Sanz

Vice Chair
Cassie Sabens

Neelam Pradhan

Members at Large
Cynthia Esau
Melissa Harvey
Monique Wesh

Learning & Development Project Lead
Carrie Elliot

Outings Coordinator Project Lead
Kristel Ghoos

Outreach & Networking Project Lead
Dana Humphreys

Recognition & Engagement Project Lead
Cristina Boone

Strategic Events Project Lead
Yan Wu

Spotlight on Women in Neutrons
Mike Hoffmann

HR Advisor
Lisa Bollinger