Bio-Deuteration Laboratory

The Bio-Deuteration Laboratory (BDL) is part of the suite of Neutron Scattering Division biology laboratories in the SNS Central Laboratory and Office Building. The BDL is dedicated to the production of hydrogen- and deuterium-labeled (H/D-labeled) materials and facilitates all phases of sample preparation from cloning to protein purification. Key capabilities include a biological safety cabinet, autoclave, static and shaking incubators, fed-batch bioreactors, sonicators, a high-pressure homogenizer, centrifuges, a cold room, and multiple chromatography systems. Access is provided to all staff and users with approved neutron beamtime proposals and BDL applications are screened for feasibility in parallel to the neutron beamtime proposal scientific review process.

Key Information

Central Laboratory and Office Building (8600), C-261 & H-201
Bio-Deuteration, Biological, Protein Expression, Protein Purification
Access Requirements:

Scientific Laboratory Access Training for Neutron Sciences Users, Required Reading, and Site-Specific Training
All work requires lab space manager approval

Lab Space Manager: