User Laboratories

The neutron scattering facilities at HFIR and SNS provide staff and users laboratories that can be used to prepare and analyze samples before and after neutron scattering experiments. The primary purpose of these labs is to provide convenient locations that have instruments and equipment available to provide complimentary analysis techniques to neutron scattering.

The suite of labs at SNS and Shull Wollan provide both general user spaces, where basic sample preparation can occur, as well as programmatic labs where more specialized characterization can be performed. These labs are available to anyone who has an approved neutron scattering proposal.

The laboratories have been designed to provide a flexible, mobile environment where users can work efficiently. These labs were built to optimize the available space for researchers' ever-changing scientific needs. Many labs offer overhead utilities and mobile furniture, allowing for easy layout reconfiguration for equipment or for quickly changing an experiment's setup.

Each lab has an assigned Laboratory Space Manager (LSM) who can be contacted to arrange for use of their laboratory space.