Chemistry & Materials Characterization Laboratory

The Chemistry and Materials Characterization Laboratory is located on the second floor of the SNS Central Laboratory and Office Building (CLO) and hosts a variety of equipment and supplies for routine chemical synthesis and materials characterization.  The equipment includes high temperature box, tube, muffle, and induction furnaces (max 1200 C); thermogravimetric/differential scanning calorimeter(TGA/DSC) with a silicone furnace; diamond wire saw, micronizer, and water-cooled analytical grinder; glass ampoule sealing station; pellet press;assorted chemicalsincluding organic solvents and mineral acids, elements, dyes, lanthanides salts, surfactants, and simple polymers; etc.  This lab is primarily used by the Neutron Sciences Division staff to prepare and characterize samples often in collaboration with users that require access to equipment or techniques not available in the general user laboratories. Access is governed by the general lab training plus required walk-through training by the LSM, and specific job hazard analyses for any work activities.

Key Information

Central Laboratory and Office Building (8600), Room H-203
Materials Characterization, Synthesis
Access Requirements:

Scientific Laboratory Access Training for Neutron Sciences Users
All work requires lab space manager approval

Lab Space Manager: