Enclosed Scale

Description: Enclosed Scale Weighing Units mg, g, oz, ct, dwt, ozt, GN, taels (3), mommes, Custom unit
Resource Type: Balances
Location ID: 8700, TA-2062
Facility: SNS
Lab Space Manager: Alex Koldys
Specifications: 5.2 Specifications Model DV114C DV214C DV314C DV215CD Capacity 110 210 310 81/210 Readabilty (mg) 0.1 0.01/0.1 Repeatabilty (Std. dev) (mg) 0.1 0.2 0.02/0.1 Linearity (mg) +0.2 +0.5 +0.03/0.2 Weighing Units mg, g, oz, ct, dwt, ozt, GN, taels (3), mommes, Custom unit Application Modes Weighing, Parts Counting, percent Weighing, Checkweighing, Animal/Dynamic Weighing, G/N/T, Totalization, High Point, Density, Statistics, Pipette Features RS232 Interface, GLP Protocol, Integral Weigh-Below Hook, selectable Enviromental Settings, Leveling indicator Tare Range To Capacity by Subtraction Stabilization Time (s) 4 8 12/5 Sensitivity Drift (10-30°C) +2ppm/°C Operating Temperature Range 10° to 40°C / 50° to 104° F Calibration Automatic internal and manual external Power Requirements External Adapter, 100-120VAC 1A, 220-240VAC 1A, 50/60Hz Plug configuration for US, Euro, UK, Japan and Australian Display Type 2-line Alphanumeric backlit LCD Display with Text Prompts Display Size (in/cm) 4 x 1 / 10 x 2.5 Pan Size (Diameter) (in/cm) 3.5/9 Free Height above pan (in/cm) 9.5/24 Dimension WxHxD (in/cm) 7.9 x 11.8 x 18 / 20 x 30 x 45.7 Net Weight (lb/kg) 22.5/10.2 80104130.
Details: Manufacturer:OHAUS , Model:Discovery DV Analytical
Attachments: Manual, Specifications
Access Requirements:

Scientific Laboratory Access Training for Neutron Sciences Users
All work requires lab space manager approval

Alternate Contacts: Luke Heroux, Maya C Little, Qiu Zhang