High Pressure Raman Laboratory

Located in the SNS Central Laboratory and Office Building, the Raman Laboratory combines laser spectroscopy, using 532 and 488 nm solid state lasers, with high-pressure diamond anvil cells, IR laser heating and cryogenic technologies to study molecular and lattice dynamics of materials over a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions. For example, the instruments available in the Raman lab enable researchers to expose materials to extreme temperatures of less than 10 K and as high as 3000 K and pressures as high as 1 Mbar (~ 15 million pounds per square inch). Those capabilities allow researchers to radically alter the valance electronic structure of atoms and thus change chemical processes, providing them with a fundamental insight into the molecular bonding behaviors of myriad materials. The Raman lab also functions as an ancillary facility to SNS’s high pressure diffractometer instrument SNAP.
For more information, contact Lead Instrument Scientist Chris Tulk.

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Central Laboratory and Office Building (8600), G-203
High Pressure
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Scientific Laboratory Access Training for Neutron Sciences Users
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