Soft Matter Laboratory

The Soft Matter Laboratory is located on the second floor of the Central Laboratory and Office Building (CLO) and is designed to provide sample preparation and characterization of soft matter related research materials. This lab supports staff members doing general soft-materials related research and users with approved neutron scattering experiments on instruments including, but not limited to, EQ-SANS, NSE, GP-SANS, Bio-SANS, Liquid Reflectometer, or BASIS. The Soft Matter Laboratory’s present capabilities consists of a clean bench, vacuum oven, thermal bath, DI-water, Tip-sonicator, bath-sonicator, rheometer, vortex mixer, roller mixer, temperature-controlled shaker, high precision balance, microcentrifuge, freeze-dryer/vacuum pump (evaporation), and sample storage in a desiccator, refrigerator, or freezer. A spin-coater and UV-ozone cleaner can also be transferred for use between this lab and the Thin Films Lab.

Key Information

Central Laboratory and Office Building (8600), C-241
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Scientific Laboratory Access Training for Neutron Sciences Users
All work requires lab space manager approval

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