114E Post Beam Sample Handling Laboratory

The HFIR Sample Handling Laboratory (114E) is located on the 1st Floor of reactor building at HFIR. ORNL staff use this laboratory to provide a wide variety of support activities for experiments running at the HFIR facility. This lab is used to transfer samples from their containers, load radioactive samples into holders or containers, prepare irradiated samples for shipping and wasting, as well as assist with manipulation/preparation of radioactive samples that require radiological specific controls not available in other HFIR laboratories. This laboratory offers benchtop work area, fume hood and MBRAUN glove box with helium atmosphere.

Key Information

Reactor Building (7900), 114E
Post Beam, Support
Access Requirements:

Scientific Laboratory Access Training for Neutron Sciences Users and RSS/Required Reading
All work requires lab space manager approval

Lab Space Manager:
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