Second Target Station Integrated Control Systems

Integrating STS systems

The Second Target Station (STS) Integrated Control Systems staff will provide the controls, data acquisition, computing infrastructure, and protection systems across all STS technical areas. Control systems provide the glue that will integrate all the STS systems and enable STS to achieve its mission. In addition, these control systems will ensure that STS can function as an integral part of the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS).

The Integrated Control Systems provide the glue for all STS technical systems that will enable the project to achieve its mission.

How it works

The STS control systems will enable remote control, monitoring, alarms, and data archiving for the STS accelerator, target, conventional facilities, and neutron scattering instruments. The instrument data acquisition system will include the software and electronics for collecting scientific data, storing those data, and making data available for analysis. Control systems will also include the software tools for conducting an experiment, automating data collection, and providing remote access. The protection systems will provide the interlocks, monitoring, and controls to enable safe operation of the facility.

The STS control systems, like all SNS control systems, will be built using the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) toolkit. The STS project is an active member of the international EPICS Collaboration and benefits from shared development efforts from other large-scale distributed control systems for research facilities. The STS control systems will use a number of technologies, including programmable logic controllers, custom digital electronics, and commercial instrumentation. Software for user interfaces, archiving, and alarms will be built using the CS-Studio toolkit. The control systems will be highly distributed using a reliable computing and network infrastructure for transporting data.