Publications from Research Conducted at USANS

The following 48 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2024 2 Publications

Huang G.R., Wang Y., Shinohara Y., Porcar L., Do C., Heller W.T., Chen W.R., "Unbiased particle conformation extraction from scattering spectra using orthonormal basis expansions", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 57, 140-150 (2024).
Tung C., Hsiao Y., Chen H., Huang G.R., Porcar L., Chang M., Carrillo J.Y., Wang Y., Sumpter B.G., Shinohara Y., Taylor J., Do C., Chen W.R., "Unveiling mesoscopic structures in distorted lamellar phases through deep learning-based small angle neutron scattering analysis", Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 659, 739-750 (2024).

2023 11 Publications

Barrett B.N., Tung C., Huang G.R., Hossain I., Do C., John V.T., Chen W.R., Zhang D.H., "Modulating Water Distribution and the Intramicellar Assembly of Sequence-Defined Ionic Peptoid Block Copolymers by the Ionic Monomer Position", Macromolecules, 56, 5306-5313 (2023).
Huang G.R., Tung C., Chen M.Z., Porcar L., Shinohara Y., Wildgruber C., Do C., Chen W.R., "Desmearing small-angle scattering data by central moment expansions", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 56, 5, 1537-1543 (2023).
Huang G.R., Tung C., Porcar L., Wang Y., Shinohara Y., Do C., Chen W.R., "Model-Free Approach for Profiling of Polydisperse Soft Matter Using Small Angle Scattering", Macromolecules, 56, 6436–6443 (2023).
Lam C.N., He L., Do C., Chen W.R., Wang W., Hong K., Wang Y., "Quantifying molecular deformation in polymer melts by a generalized Zimm plot approach", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 56, 1168-1179 (2023).
Nguyen N.A., Bowland C.C., He L., Osti N.C., Phan M.D., Keum J.K., Tyagi M., Meek K.M., Littrell K.C., Mamontov E., Ankner J.F., Naskar A.K., "A Sustainable Multi-Dimensional Printable Material", Advanced Sustainable Systems, 7, 2300079 (2023).
Sun K., Shoaib T., Rutland M., Beller J., Do C., Espinosa-Marzal R., "Insight into the assembly of lipid-hyaluronan complexes in osteoarthritic conditions", Biointerphases, 18, 021005 (2023).
Tung C., Chang S., Chang M., Carrillo J.Y., Sumpter B.G., Do C., Chen W.R., "Inferring colloidal interaction from scattering by machine learning", Carbon Trends, 10, 100252 (2023).
Vargo E., Ma L., Li H., Zhang Q., Kwon J., Evans K.M., Tang X., Tovmasyan V.L., Jan J., Arias A.L., Destaillats H., Kuzmenko I., Ilavsky J., Chen W.R., Heller W.T., Ritchie R.O., Liu Y., Xu T., "Functional composites by programming entropy-driven nanosheet growth", Nature, 623, 724–731 (2023).
Weber J., Starchenko V., Ilavsky J., Allard L.F., Mata J., Debeer-Schmitt L.M., Cooke C.G., Littrell K.C., He L., Zhang R., Stack A.G., Anovitz L.M., "Grain boundary widening controls siderite (FeCO3) replacement of limestone (CaCO3)", Scientific Reports, 13, 4581 (2023).
Zhang T., "Experimental and theoretical studies of fluid-solid coupling processes of tight rock media", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Texas (Arlington) (2023).

2022 9 Publications

Burdette-Trofimov M.K., Armstrong B.L., Heroux L., Doucet M., Marquez Rossy A.E., Hoelzer D.T., Kanbargi N., Naskar A.K., Veith G.M., "Competitive adsorption within electrode slurries and impact on cell fabrication and performance", Journal of Power Sources, 520, 230914 (2022).
Burdette-Trofimov M.K., Armstrong B.L., Korkosz R.J., Tyler J.L., McAuliffe R.D., Heroux L., Doucet M., Hoelzer D.T., Kanbargi N., Naskar A.K., Veith G.M., "Understanding the Solution Dynamics and Binding of a PVDF Binder with Silicon, Graphite, and NMC Materials and the Influence on Cycling Performance", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 14, 23322-23331 (2022).
Chang M., Tung C., Chang S., Carrillo J.Y., Wang Y., Sumpter B.G., Huang G.R., Do C., Chen W.R., "A machine learning inversion scheme for determining interaction from scattering", Communications Physics, 5, 46 (2022).
Heroux L., Moncada J., Dadmun M., "Controlling the Morphology of PEDOT:PSS Blend Films with Pre-Deposition Solution Composition and Deposition Technique", ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 4, 1, 36–43 (2022).
Huang G.R., Lam C.N., Hong K., Wang Y., Shinohara Y., Do C., Chen W.R., "Ion Atmosphere of Wormlike Micelles Profiled by Contrast Variation Small-Angle Neutron Scattering", ACS Macro Letters, 11, 1, 66-71 (2022).
Sun M., Wen J., Pan Z., Liu B., Blach T.P., Ji Y., Hu Q.Y., Yu B., Wu C., Ke Y., "Pore accessibility by wettable fluids in overmature marine shales of China: Investigations from contrast-matching small-angle neutron scattering (CM-SANS)", International Journal of Coal Geology, 255, 103987 (2022).
Tung C., "Structural Analysis of Disordered Materials Assisted by Machine Learning Algorithms", Ph.D. Dissertation, National Tsing Hua University (2022).
Tung C., Chang S., Chen H., Wang Y., Hong K., Carrillo J.Y., Sumpter B.G., Shinohara Y., Do C., Chen W.R., "Small angle scattering of diblock copolymers profiled by machine learning", Journal of Chemical Physics, 156, 131101 (2022).

2021 7 Publications

Burdette-Trofimov M.K., Armstrong B.L., Heroux L., Doucet M., Sacci R.L., Veith G.M., "Structure and dynamics of small polyimide oligomers with silicon as a function of aging", Soft Matter, 17, 7729-7742 (2021).
Burdette-Trofimov M.K., Armstrong B.L., Murphy R.P., Heroux L., Doucet M., Rogers A.M., Veith G.M., "Probing Clustering Dynamics between Silicon and PAA or LiPAA Slurries under Processing Conditions", ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 3, 5, 2447–2460 (2021).
Heroux L., "Structure Analysis of Soft Energy Materials using Neutron Scattering", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2021).
Huang G.R., Carrillo J.Y., Wang Y., Do C., Porcar L., Sumpter B.G., Chen W.R., "An exact inversion method for extracting orientation ordering by small-angle scattering", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23, 4120-4132 (2021).
Li Y., Keum J.K., Wang J., Jiang N., Bras W., Kessler M.R., Rios O., "Multiscale Structural Characterization of a Smectic Liquid Crystalline Elastomer upon Mechanical Deformation Using Neutron Scattering", Macromolecules, 54, 10574-10582 (2021).
Weber J., Cheshire M.C., Bleuel M., Mildner D.F., Chang Y., Ievlev A.V., Littrell K.C., Ilavsky J., Stack A.G., Anovitz L.M., "Influence of Microstructure on Replacement and Porosity Generation during Experimental Dolomitization of Limestones", Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 503, 137-158 (2021).
Yin X., "Associative Polymer Hydrogels with Tunable Mechanical Properties and Structures: Effect of Crystalline and Degradable Domains", Ph.D. Dissertation, State University of New York at Stony Brook (2021).

2020 9 Publications

Astner A., Hayes D.G., Pingali S.V., O'Neill H.M., Littrell K.C., Evans B.R., Urban V.S., "Effects of soil particles and convective transport on dispersion and aggregation of nanoplastics via small-angle neutron scattering (SANS) and ultra SANS (USANS)", PLoS One, 15, e0235893 (2020).
Burdette-Trofimov M.K., Armstrong B.L., Rogers A.M., Heroux L., Doucet M., Yang G., Phillip N.D., Kidder M.K., Veith G.M., "Understanding Binder-Silicon Interactions During Slurry Processing", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124, 13479–13494 (2020).
Huang G.R., Wang Y., Do C., Chen W.R., "Spatial correlation functions of paracrystals with radial symmetry", Physical Review E, 102, 032110 (2020).
Nguyen N.A., Bowland C.C., Bonnesen P.V., Littrell K.C., Keum J.K., Naskar A.K., "Fractionation of Lignin for Selective Shape Memory Effects at Elevated Temperatures", Materials, 13, 1940 (2020).
Shah R., "Visualization of Structural Changes in Thermochemically Pretreated Plant Cell Wall Polymers ", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2020).
Shu Y., Xu Y., Jiang S., Zhang L., Zhao X., Pan Z., Blach T.P., Sun L.W., Bai L., Hu Q.Y., Sun M., "Effect of Particle Size on Pore Characteristics of Organic-Rich Shales: Investigations from Small-Angle Neutron Scattering (SANS) and Fluid Intrusion Techniques", Energies, 13, 6049 (2020).
Sun M., Zhao J., Pan Z., Hu Q.Y., Yu B., Tan Y., Sun L.W., Bai L., Wu C., Blach T.P., Zhang Y., Zhang C., Cheng G., "Pore characterization of shales: A review of small angle scattering technique", Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, 78, 103294 (2020).
Zhang Y., Hu Q.Y., Barber T.J., Bleuel M., Anovitz L.M., Littrell K.C., "Quantifying Fluid‐Wettable Effective Pore Space in the Utica and Bakken Oil Shale Formations", Geophysical Research Letters, 47, e2020GL087896 (2020).

2019 4 Publications

DiStefano V.H., McFarlane J., Stack A.G., Perfect E., Mildner D.F., Bleuel M., Chipera S.J., Littrell K.C., Cheshire M.C., Manz K.E., Anovitz L.M., "Solvent-pore interactions in the Eagle Ford shale formation", Fuel, 238, 298-311 (2019).
Ganesh S.P., "Gel-like Behavior in Amorphous Protein Dense Phases: Phase Behavior, Neutron Scattering and Rheology", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Delaware (2019).
Weber J., Cheshire M.C., DiStefano V.H., Littrell K.C., Ilavsky J., Bleuel M., Bozell-Messerschmidt J., Ievlev A.V., Stack A.G., Anovitz L.M., "Controls of Microstructure and Chemical Reactivity on the Replacement of Limestone by Fluorite Studied Using Spatially Resolved Small Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering", ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 3, 1998-2016 (2019).
Yin X., Hewitt D.R., Preston A.N., Heroux L., Agamalian M., Quah S.P., Zheng B., Smith A.J., Laughlin S.T., Grubbs R.B., Bhatia S.R., "Hierarchical assembly in PLA-PEO-PLA hydrogels with crystalline domains and effect of block stereochemistry", Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 180, 102-109 (2019).

2018 4 Publications

Agamalian M., Heroux L., Littrell K.C., Carpenter J.M., "Progress on The Time-of-Flight Ultra Small Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument at SNS", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1021, 1, 012033 (2018).
DiStefano V.H., "Storage of Organic Matter and Transport of Fluids in the Eagle Ford Shale", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tennessee (2018).
Heller W.T., Cuneo M.J., Debeer-Schmitt L.M., Do C., He L., Heroux L., Littrell K.C., Pingali S.V., Qian S., Stanley C.B., Urban V.S., Wu B., Bras W., "The suite of small-angle neutron scattering instruments at Oak Ridge National Laboratory", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 51, 2, 1-7 (2018).
Shen B.H., Armstrong B.L., Doucet M., Heroux L., Browning J.F., Agamalian M., Tenhaeff W., Veith G.M., "Shear Thickening Electrolyte Built from Sterically Stabilized Colloidal Particles", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10, 11, 9424–9434 (2018).

2017 1 Publications

Kuhn S.J., Kidder M.K., Parker D.S., dela Cruz C., McGuire M.A., Chance W.M., Li L., Debeer-Schmitt L.M., Ermentrout J., Littrell K.C., Eskildsen M.R., Sefat A.S., "Structure and Property Correlations in FeS", Physica C: Superconductivity and its Applications, 534, 29-36 (2017).

2010 1 Publications

Carpenter J.M., Agamalian M., "Aiming for the theoretical limit of sensitivity of Bonse-Hart USANS instruments", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 251, 12056 (2010).