Publications from Research Conducted at NSE

The following 89 publications were retrieved from PuSH (Publications of SNS and HFIR)

2023 7 Publications

Dziura M., Castillo S.R., DiPasquale M., Gbadamosi O., Zolnierczuk P.A., Nagao M., Kelley E.G., Marquardt D., "Investigating the Effect of Medium Chain Triglycerides on the Elasticity of Pulmonary Surfactant", Chemical Research in Toxicology, 36, 643-652 (2023).
Frielinghaus H., Dubey P.S., Wu B., Odom M., Zheng F., Shin E., Zolnierczuk P.A., Holderer O., Foerster S., Heiden-Hecht T., "Experimental critical dynamics of 3-methyl pyridine/ D 2 O mixtures without and with antagonistic salt", Physical Review Research, 5, 023053 (2023).
Goswami M., Iyiola O., Lu W., Hong K., Zolnierczuk P.A., Stingaciu L., Heller W.T., Taleb O., Sumpter B.G., Hallinan D., "Understanding Interfacial Block Copolymer Structure and Dynamics", Macromolecules, 56, 762-771 (2023).
Guo J., Ghosh P., Hill D., Chen Y., Stingaciu L., Zolnierczuk P.A., Ullrich C.A., Singh D.J., Singh D.K., "Persistent dynamic magnetic state in artificial honeycomb spin ice", Nature Communications, 14, 5212 (2023).
Rao A., Carrick B.R., Yao H., Olsen B.D., "Hindered segmental dynamics in associative protein hydrogels studied by neutron spin-echo spectroscopy", Physical Review Materials , 7, 075602 (2023).
Zolnierczuk P.A., "PySEN: A Python Package for Aiding Experiments at the SNS Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometer", Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2023/2973 (2023).

2022 9 Publications

Bichler K.J., Jakobi B., Honecker D., Stingaciu L., Weldeghiorghis T.K., Collins J.H., Schneider G.J., "Dynamics of Bottlebrush Polymers in Solution by Neutron Spin Echo Spectroscopy", Macromolecules, 55, 9810-9819 (2022).
DiPasquale M., "Structure and Mechanics of Biomembrane Mimics in the Presence of Vitamin E", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Windsor (2022).
Holderer O., Frielinghaus H., Zolnierczuk P.A., Ohl M., Monkenbusch M., "Data reduction strategies at a time-of-flight NSE for a lamellar microemulsion", EPJ Web of Conferences, QENS/WINS 2022 – 15th Edition of the QENS Series and 10th of the WINS Workshops, (2022).
Jochum J.K., Franz C., Keller T., Pfleiderer C., "Extending MIEZE spectroscopy towards thermal wavelengths", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 55, 1424-1431 (2022).
Mamontov E., Zolnierczuk P.A., "Determining the relaxation time from a temperature-dependent scan of the neutron spin-echo signal amplitude", EPJ Web of Conferences, QENS/WINS 2022 – 15th Edition of the QENS Series and 10th of the WINS Workshops, (2022).
Philippe A.M., Sill C., Westermann S., Allgaier J., Staropoli M., Monkenbusch M., Gerstner D., Fleming Y., Wischnewski A., Hoffmann I., Zolnierczuk P.A., Do C., Pyckhout-Hintzen W., "Quantifying structure and dynamics of bound and bulk polymer in tailor-made rubber-silica nanocomposites", Frontiers in Physics, 10, 1023234 (2022).
Stingaciu L., "Study of Protein Dynamics via Neutron Spin Echo Spectroscopy", JoVE, 182, e61862 (2022).
Stingaciu L., Zolnierczuk P.A., "Quick Guide for SNS-NSE Data Reduction Software DrSpine", Oak Ridge National Laboratory ORNL/TM-2022/2393 (2022).

2021 7 Publications

Chen Y., Yumnam G., Guo J., Stingaciu L., Zolnierczuk P.A., Lauter V.V., Singh D.K., "Magnetic charge's relaxation propelled electricity in two-dimensional magnetic honeycomb lattice", iScience, 24, 3, 102206 (2021).
De Mel J.U., Gupta S., Harmon S., Stingaciu L., Roth E.W., Siebenbuerger M., Bleuel M., Schneider G.J., "Acetaminophen Interactions with Phospholipid Vesicles Induced Changes in Morphology and Lipid Dynamics", Langmuir, 37, 31, 9560–9570 (2021).
Jaksch S., Holderer O., Frielinghaus H., Koutsioubas A., Zolnierczuk P.A., Hayward D.W., Forster S., Muller-Buschbaum P., "Influence of NaCl on the Structure and Dynamics of Phospholipid Layers", Frontiers in Physics, 9, 272 (2021).
Krugmann B., "Structural and dynamical investigations of biomimetic myelin membranes ", Ph.D. Dissertation, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH (2021).
Mel J.U., Gupta S., Willner L., Allgaier J., Stingaciu L., Bleuel M., Schneider G.J., "Manipulating Phospholipid Vesicles at the Nanoscale: A Transformation from Unilamellar to Multilamellar by an n-Alkyl-poly(ethylene oxide)", Langmuir, 37, 7, 2362–2375 (2021).
Witte J., "Near Surface Dynamics of Cross-Linked and Non-Cross-Linked Polymer Architectures at Solid Planar Surfaces", Ph.D. Dissertation, Technische Universität Berlin (2021).

2020 13 Publications

Balacescu L., Schrader T.E., Radulescu A., Zolnierczuk P.A., Holderer O., Pasini S., Fitter J., Stadler A.M., "Transition between protein-like and polymer-like dynamic behavior: Internal friction in unfolded apomyoglobin depends on denaturing conditions", Scientific Reports, 10, 1570 (2020).
Chakraborty S., Doktorova M., Molugu T.R., Heberle F.A., Scott H.L., Dzikovski B., Nagao M., Stingaciu L., Standaert R.F., Barrera F.N., Katsaras J., Khelashvili G., Brown M.F., Ashkar R., "How cholesterol stiffens unsaturated lipid membranes", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 117, 21896-21905 (2020).
De Mel J.U., Gupta S., Perera R.M., Ngo L., Zolnierczuk P.A., Bleuel M., Pingali S.V., Schneider G.J., "Influence of External NaCl Salt on Membrane Rigidity of Neutral DOPC Vesicles", Langmuir, 36, 9356-9367 (2020).
Gupta S., Chatterjee S., Zolnierczuk P.A., Nesterov E.E., Schneider G.J., "Impact of Local Stiffness on Entropy Driven Microscopic Dynamics of Polythiophene", Scientific Reports, 10, 9966 (2020).
Gupta S., Schneider G.J., "Modeling the dynamics of phospholipids in the fluid phase of liposomes", Soft Matter, 16, 3245 (2020).
Krugmann B., Radulescu A., Appavou M.S., Koutsioubas A., Stingaciu L., Dulle M., Forster S., Stadler A.M., "Membrane stiffness and myelin basic protein binding strength as molecular origin of multiple sclerosis", Scientific Reports, 10, 16691 (2020).
Pasini S., Maccarrone S., Szekely N.K., Stingaciu L., Gelissen A.P., Richtering W., Monkenbusch M., Holderer O., "Fluctuation suppression in microgels by polymer electrolytes", Structural Dynamics, 7, 034302 (2020).
Raftopoulos K.N., Kyriakos K., Nuber M., Niebuur B., Holderer O., Ohl M., Ivanova O., Pasini S., Papadakis C.M., "Co-nonsolvency in concentrated aqueous solutions of PNIPAM: effect of methanol on the collective and the chain dynamics", Soft Matter, 16, 36, 8462-8472 (2020).
Rao A., Yao H., Olsen B.D., "Bridging dynamic regimes of segmental relaxation and center-of-mass diffusion in associative protein hydrogels", Physical Review Research, 2, 4, 043369 (2020).
Stingaciu L., Biehl R., Do C., Richter D., Stadler A.M., "Reduced Internal Friction by Osmolyte Interaction in Intrinsically Disordered Myelin Basic Protein", Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 11, 2, 292-296 (2020).
Xie C., Chang S., Mamontov E., Stingaciu L., Chen Y., "Uncoupling between the lipid membrane dynamics of differing hierarchical levels", Physical Review E, 101, 012416 (2020).

2019 10 Publications

Gupta S., Mel J.U., Schneider G.J., "Dynamics of liposomes in the fluid phase", Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science, 42, 121-136 (2019).
Heller W.T., Zolnierczuk P.A., "The helix-to-sheet transition of an HIV-1 fusion peptide derivative changes the mechanical properties of lipid bilayer membranes", Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes, 1861, 3, 565-572 (2019).
Holderer O., Jaksch S., Zolnierczuk P.A., Ohl M., Frielinghaus H., "Phospholipid membrane dynamics at the solid–liquid interface studied with grazing incidence neutron spin echo spectroscopy", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 1316, 012001 (2019).
Holderer O., Zolnierczuk P.A., Pasini S., Stingaciu L., Monkenbusch M., "A better view through new glasses: Developments at the Jülich neutron spin echo spectrometers", Physica B: Condensed Matter, 562, 9-12 (2019).
Kawecki M., Adlmann F.A., Gutfreund P., Falus P., Uhrig D., Gupta S., Farago B., Zolnierczuk P.A., Cochran M.J., Wolff M., "Direct measurement of topological interactions in polymers under shear using neutron spin echo spectroscopy", Scientific Reports, 9, 2823 (2019).
Nickels J.D., Smith M.D., Alsop R.J., Himbert S., Yahya A., Cordner D., Zolnierczuk P.A., Stanley C.B., Katsaras J., Cheng X., Rheinstadter M.C., "Lipid Rafts: Buffers of Cell Membrane Physical Properties", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123, 9, 2050-2056 (2019).
Sharma V.K., Hayes D.G., Gupta S., Urban V.S., O'Neill H.M., Pingali S.V., Ohl M., Mamontov E., "Incorporation of Melittin Enhances Interfacial Fluidity of Bicontinuous Microemulsions", Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123, 17, 11197-11206 (2019).
Stingaciu L., O'Neill H.M., Liberton M., Pakrasi H.B., Urban V.S., "Influence of Chemically Disrupted Photosynthesis on Cyanobacterial Thylakoid Dynamics in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803", Scientific Reports, 9, 5711 (2019).
Witte J., Kyrey T., Lutzki J., Dahl A.M., Houston J., Radulescu A., Pipich V., Stingaciu L., Kuhnhammer M., Witt M.U., von Klitzing R., Holderer O., Wellert S., "A comparison of the network structure and inner dynamics of homogeneously and heterogeneously crosslinked PNIPAM microgels with high crosslinker content", Soft Matter, 15, 5, 1053-1064 (2019).
Zolnierczuk P.A., Holderer O., Pasini S., Kozielewski T., Stingaciu L., Monkenbusch M., "Efficient data extraction from neutron time-of-flight spin-echo raw data", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 52, 1022-1034 (2019).

2018 5 Publications

Gupta S., Bleuel M., Schneider G.J., "A new ultrasonic transducer sample cell for in situ small-angle scattering experiments", Review of Scientific Instruments, 98, 1, 015111 (2018).
Gupta S., De Mel J.U., Perera R.M., Zolnierczuk P.A., Bleuel M., Faraone A., Schneider G.J., "Dynamics of Phospholipid Membranes beyond Thermal Undulations", Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9, 2956–2960 (2018).
Gvaramia M., Mangiapia G., Falus P., Ohl M., Holderer O., Frielinghaus H., "Capillary condensation and gelling of microemulsions with clay additives", Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 525, 161-165 (2018).
Jafta C.J., Bridges C.A., Haupt L., Do C., Sippel P., Cochran M.J., Krohns S., Ohl M., Loidl A., Mamontov E., Lunkenheimer P., Dai S., Sun X.G., "Ion Dynamics in Ionic-Liquid-Based Li-Ion Electrolytes Investigated by Neutron Scattering and Dielectric Spectroscopy", ChemSusChem, 11, 19, 3512-3523 (2018).
Zolnierczuk P.A., Holderer O., Monkenbusch M., "DrSPINE: Data reduction for SPIN echo experiments", AIP Conference Proceedings, 1969, 1, 050003 (2018).

2017 11 Publications

Callaway D.J., Matsui T., Weiss T.M., Stingaciu L., Stanley C.B., Heller W.T., Bu Z., "Controllable Activation of Nanoscale Dynamics in a Disordered Protein Alters Binding Kinetics", Journal of Molecular Biology, 429, 7, 987–998 (2017).
Frielinghaus H., Gvaramia M., Mangiapia G., Jaksch S., Ganeva M., Koutsioubas A., Mattauch S., Ohl M., Monkenbusch M., Holderer O., "New tools for grazing incidence neutron scattering experiments open perspectives to study nano-scale tribology mechanisms", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 871, 72-76 (2017).
Hiroi T., "Structural Analysis of polymer aggregation induced by hydrophilic and hydrophobic interaction", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Tokyo (2017).
Jaksch S., Holderer O., Gvaramia M., Ohl M., Monkenbusch M., Frielinghaus H., "Nanoscale rheology at solid-complex fluid interfaces", Scientific Reports, 7, 1, 4417 (2017).
Klemmer H.F., Allgaier J., Frielinghaus H., Holderer O., Ohl M., "Influence of the amphiphilicity profile of copolymers on the formation of liquid crystalline mesophases in microemulsions", Colloid and Polymer Science, 295, 5, 911–923 (2017).
Klemmer H.F., Frielinghaus H., Allgaier J., Ohl M., Holderer O., "The effect of amphiphilic polymers with a continuous amphiphilicity profile on the membrane properties in a bicontinuous microemulsions studied by neutron scattering", Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 862, 1, 012014 (2017).
Krutyeva M., Pasini S., Monkenbusch M., Allgaier J., Maiz J., Mijangos C., Hartmann-Azanza B., Steinhart M., Jalarvo N., Ivanova O., Holderer O., Radulescu A., Ohl M., Falus P., Unruh T.C., Richter D., "Polymer dynamics under cylindrical confinement featuring a locally repulsive surface: A quasielastic neutron scattering study", Journal of Chemical Physics, 146, 20, 203306 (2017).
Longeville S., Stingaciu L., "Hemoglobin diffusion and the dynamics of oxygen capture by red blood cells", Scientific Reports, 7, 10448 (2017).
Nickels J.D., Chatterjee S., Mostofian B., Stanley C.B., Ohl M., Zolnierczuk P.A., Schulz R., Myles D.A., Standaert R.F., Elkins J.G., Cheng X., Katsaras J., "Bacillus subtilis Lipid Extract, A Branched-Chain Fatty Acid Model Membrane", Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 8, 4214–4217 (2017).
Poling-Skutvik R., Olafson K.N., Narayanan S., Stingaciu L., Faraone A., Conrad J.C., Krishnamoorti R., "Confined Dynamics of Grafted Polymer Chains in Solutions of Linear Polymer", Macromolecules, 50, 18, 7372–7379 (2017).
Sharma V.K., Mamontov E., Ohl M., Tyagi M., "Incorporation of Aspirin Modulates the Dynamical and Phase Behavior of the Phospholipid Membrane", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 3, 2514-2524 (2017).

2016 3 Publications

Gupta S., Fischer J.K., Lunkenheimer P., Loidl A., Novak E., Jalarvo N., Ohl M., "Effect of adding nanometre-sized heterogeneities on the structural dynamics and the excess wing of a molecular glass former", Scientific Reports, 6, 35034 (2016).
Gupta S., Mamontov E., Jalarvo N., Stingaciu L., Ohl M., "Characteristic length scales of the secondary relaxations in glass-forming glycerol", European Physical Journal E, 39, 3, 40 (2016).
Stingaciu L., O'Neill H.M., Liberton M., Urban V.S., Pakrasi H.B., Ohl M., "Revealing the Dynamics of Thylakoid Membranes in Living Cyanobacterial Cells", Scientific Reports, 6, 19627 (2016).

2015 11 Publications

Dhindsa G.K., "Dynamics of biopolymers on nanomaterials studied by quasielastic neutron scattering and MD simulations", Ph.D. Dissertation, Wayne State University (2015).
Gupta S., Arend N., Lunkenheimer P., Loidl A., Stingaciu L., Jalarvo N., Mamontov E., Ohl M., "Excess wing in glass-forming glycerol and LiCl-glycerol mixtures detected by neutron scattering", European Physical Journal E, 38, 1, 1-9 (2015).
Holderer O., Lipfert F., Frielinghaus H., Ohl M., Richter D., "Interfaces modify the undulation of spectrum of bicontinuous microemulsions", EPJ Web of Conferences, 83, 02006 (2015).
Krutyeva M., Wischnewski A., Richter D., "Polymer dynamics in nanoconfinement: Interfaces and interphases", EPJ Web of Conferences, 83, 02009 (2015).
Kusmin A., van Eijck L., Pappas C., Zolnierczuk P.A., Arend N., Ohl M., van Well A.A., "Quasielastic Neutron scattering experiment on water using TOFLAR (Time of Flight and LARmore precession) technique at SNS", EPJ Web of Conferences, 83, 03009 (2015).
Lipfert F., Holderer O., Frielinghaus H., Appavou M.S., Do C., Ohl M., Richter D., "Long wavelength undulation dominate dynamics in large surfactant membrane patches", Nanoscale, 7, 2578-2586 (2015).
Mamontov E., Zolnierczuk P.A., Ohl M., "Nanometer-sized dynamic entities in an aqueous system", Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 17, 6, 4466-4471 (2015).
Nickels J.D., Cheng X., Mostofian B., Stanley C.B., Lindner B., Heberle F.A., Perticaroli S., Feygenson M., Egami T., Standaert R.F., Smith J.C., Myles D.A., Ohl M., Katsaras J., "Mechanical properties of nanoscopic lipid domains", Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137, 50, 15772–15780 (2015).
Shibayama M., Nishi K., Hiroi T., "Gelation Kinetics and Polymer Network Dynamics of Homogeneous Tetra-PEG Gels", Macromolecular Symposia, 348, 1, 9-13 (2015).
Zolnierczuk P.A., Holderer O., Monkenbusch M., Ohl M., "DrSPINE - New approach to data reduction and analysis for neutron spin echo experiments from pulsed and reactor sources", EPJ Web of Conferences, 83, 03020 (2015).

2014 3 Publications

Banuelos J.L., Feng G., Fulvio P.F., Li S., Rother G., Arend N., Faraone A., Dai S., Cummings P.T., Wesolowski D.J., "The influence of a hierarchical porous carbon network on the coherent dynamics of a nanoconfined room temperature ionic liquid: A neutron spin echo and atomistic simulation investigation", Carbon, 7, 415-427 (2014).
Hiroi T., Ohl M., Sakai T., Shibayama M., "Multiscale dynamics of inhomogeneity-free polymer gels", Macromolecules, 47, 2, 763-770 (2014).
Lipfert F., Frielinghaus H., Holderer O., Mattauch S., Monkenbusch M., Arend N., Richter D., "Polymer enrichment decelerates surfactant membranes near interfaces", Physical Review E, 89, 042303 (2014).

2013 4 Publications

Do C., Lunkenheimer P., Diddens D., Gotz M., Weiss M., Loidl A., Sun X.G., Allgaier J., Ohl M., "Li+ transport in poly(ethylene oxide) based electrolytes: neutron scattering, dielectric spectroscopy, and molecular dynamics simulations", Physical Review Letters, 111, 018301 (2013).
Jalarvo N., Stingaciu L., Gout D.J., Bi Z., Paranthaman M.P., Ohl M., "Proton dynamics in La0.8Ba1.2GaO3.9 nH2O studied by quasielastic incoherent neutron scattering", Solid State Ionics, 252, 12-18 (2013).
Krutyeva M., Wischnewski A., Monkenbusch M., Willner L., Maiz J., Mijangos C., Arbe A., Colmenero J., Radulescu A., Holderer O., Ohl M., Richter D., "Effect of nanoconfinement on polymer dynamics: surface layers and interphases", Physical Review Letters, 110, 108303 (2013).
Mamontov E., Ohl M., "Slow dynamics of water molecules in an aqueous solution of lithium chloride probed by neutron spin-echo", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 15, 10732-10739 (2013).

2012 3 Publications

Faraone A., Hong K., Kneller L.R., Ohl M., Copley J.R., "Coherent dynamics of meta-toluidine investigated by quasielastic neutron scattering", Journal of Chemical Physics, 136, 104502 (2012).
Frielinghaus H., Holderer O., Lipfert F., Monkenbusch M., Arend N., Richter D., "Scattering depth correction of evanescent waves in inelastic neutron scattering using a neutron prism", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 686, 71-74 (2012).
Ohl M., Monkenbusch M., Arend N., Kozielewski T., Vehres G., Tiemann C., Butzek M., Soltner H., Giesen U., Achten R., Lindenau B., Budwig A., Kleines H., Drochnerd M., Kaemmerling P., Wagener M., Moller R., Iverson E.B., Sharp M., Richter D., "The spin-echo spectrometer at the Spallation Neutron Source, SNS", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 696, 85-99 (2012).

2011 1 Publications

Soltner H., Pabst U., Butzek M., Ohl M., Kozielewski T., Monkenbusch M., Sokol D., Maltin L., Lindgren E., Koch S., Fugate D., "Design, construction, and performance of a magnetically shielded room for a neutron spin echo spectrometer", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 644, 1, 40-47 (2011).

2010 1 Publications

Monkenbusch M., "Inauguration of Julich's Neutron Spin Echo Spectrometer at SNS in Oak Ridge", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 21, 2, 30 (2010).

2009 1 Publications

Walter W., Boffo C., Borlein M., Kozielewski T., Monkenbusch M., Ohl M., Paul A., Schrauth B., Sikler G., Tiemann C., "Design, manufacturing and performance of a pair of superconducting solenoids for a neutron spin-echo spectrometer at the SNS", IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 19, 1320-1323 (2009).